Joanna Piotrowska: Stable Vices

By Linda Zhengová - 04/28/21

Polish artist Joanna Piotrowska (b. 1985) explores systems of power and potential forms of resistance through the medium of photography. In her latest photobook ‘Stable Vices’ (published with MACK) she showcases three photographic series, together reflecting on the themes of ...

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Mattia Parodi & Piergiorgio Sorgetti: The Missing Eye

By Linda Zhengová - 04/15/21

Did you know that people who are blind since birth are able to dream in images? Scientific studies and academic papers written by scholars such as Rosalind Krauss, George Bataille and Roger Caillois have revealed that, concerning photography, there are indeed different ways of interaction, surpas...

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Journal of Grievances Vol. 3: Fool’s Paradise

By Linda Zhengová - 04/9/21

The notion of collaboration seems to be defining the new era of pandemic-created works. Or perhaps to be more precise: co-activated artistic initiatives on distance. One example of a one-of-a-kind artistic outcome can be considered the third volume of the ‘Journal of Grievances’ – Fool...

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By Sophie Beerens - 04/8/21

For Double Orbit, Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine (1981, France) photographed buildings, from almost aggressively angular structures to curiously anthropomorphic, swirling concrete shapes. The strange architectural idiosyncrasies documented hide in plain ...

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Ming Smith: An Aperture Monograph

By Linda Zhengová - 03/31/21

Ming Smith is the first African American female photographer whose work has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Her poetic gaze and experimental photography, reflective of the 20th century African American experience, has now been composed into ...

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John Divola: Terminus

By Sophie Beerens - 03/26/21

Some eighty miles from Los Angeles, California, at the southwestern edge of the arid and perpetually sunny Mojave Desert, lays the abandoned remnants of George Air Force Base.  In 2015, this base gained a new occupant, in the form of renowned visual artist<...

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By Sophie Beerens - 03/22/21

Al J Thompson’s Remnants of an Exodus is a project that could never have arisen from the photographer-as-tourist, or the photographer-as-investigative journalist — that much can be felt within the powerful emotion that resonates in his images. The af...

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Riccardo Dogana: Panopticon

By Sophie Beerens - 03/9/21

Riccardo Dogana‘s latest work, Panopticon, is unified in its source: the inexhaustible database that is Youtube. Through a highly personal selection process, Dogana photographed fragments from uploaded videos, often exploiting motion blur, or the grai...

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Yurian Quintanas Nobel: Dream Moons

By Linda Zhengová - 03/3/21

With ‘Dream Moons’, Yurian Quintanas Nobel gives a sneak-peak into the confines of his home. Not in a mundane but in a rather uncanny and surreal manner. Nobel already began his project back in 2015 when he started to explore the diverse possibilities of photography. In Nobel...

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Efrem Zelony-Mindell: Primal Sight

By Linda Zhengová - 02/26/21

What is the purpose of black and white photography today when we have colour?

After the establishment of colour photography, black-and-white has become a choice, an intention. Exploring this intriguing aspect of the medium, Efrem Zelony-Mindell brings together 146 internat...

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Erik Kessels & Thomas Sauvin: TALK SOON

By Linda Zhengová - 02/10/21

Despite the COVID-19 related feeling of collective dread being experienced in recent times, we have been witnessing a new wave of creative initiatives. In particular, an influx of collaborations between artists has been emerging all over the world (such as Read More

Tomaso Clavarino & Patrizio Anastasi: Ballad of Woods and Wounds

By Linda Zhengová - 02/3/21

‘Ballad of the Woods and Wounds’ (published by studiofaganel) brings us to the Monferrato and Roero Woods that besiege the commune of Cocconato d’Asti in northern Italy. The Monferrato region is located just a few miles away from one of the most COVID-19 affected areas in the country. In th...

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Ângela Berlinde: TRANSA: Ballads of the last sun

By Linda Zhengová - 02/1/21

‘TRANSA: ballads of the last sun’, a book by Ângela Berlinde, reflects on the rapid destruction of the Amazonian rainforest. It contains, and is inspired by, numerous indigenous myths and tales, such as that of Iracema (“the virgin of the honey lips” in José de Alencar...

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Carolyn Drake: Knit Club

By Linda Zhengová - 01/11/21

Carolyn Drake (b.1971, the USA) is a Magnum photographer who generally works on long-term photo projects that tend to re-examine dominant historical narratives in a creative way. Her approach to the medium of photography is defined by collaboration where the binaries of the autho...

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New Queer Photography: Edited by Benjamin Wolbergs

By Linda Zhengová - 01/6/21

‘New Queer Photography’, edited by Berlin-based art-director Benjamin Wolbergs, contains exquisite samples concerned with the latest developments of queer art expression by way of photography – confronting our heteronormative gaze and most commonly, the artists reflect ...

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Gui Christ: Fissura

By Linda Zhengová - 01/4/21

Initially successful in advertisement and commercial photography, Gui Christ (b. 1980, Brazil) later decided to pursue a career as a documentary photographer. Since 2015, he focuses mainly on pressing social issues in Brazil and other regions in South America. He recently self-pu...

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Momo Okabe: Ilmatar

By Linda Zhengová - 12/9/20

‘Ilmatar’ (published by Mandrake) is the first Japan-published book by Momo Okabe (b. 1981, Japan), centred around the birth of her daughter. Okabe is an asexual woman who reflects on the mythical image of the modern ritual of childbirth that excludes sexual intercourse. Her ...

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Vasantha Yogananthan: Afterlife

By Patrycja Rozwora - 11/25/20

Over the course of seven years, Vasantha Yogananthan (b. 1985, France) travelled to various parts of India to develop his long-term project titled ‘A Myth of Two Souls’. The work draws inspiration from the Ramayana, one of the largest ancient epics in world literature.


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Tyler Mitchell: I Can Make You Feel Good

By Patrycja Rozwora - 11/14/20

Tyler Mitchell (b. 1995, United States) works across various genres to explore and celebrate a new aesthetic of Blackness.

Mitchell’s love for images was sparked years ago, growing up in the Atlanta suburbs. Back then, he started to film and photograph his sk...

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Raymond Meeks: ciprian honey cathedral

By Patrycja Rozwora - 11/12/20

Much of the work by American photographer Raymond Meeks (b. 1963) focuses on memory and place; the way in which a landscape can shape an individual and, in the abstract, how a place possesses you in its absence. In his new book, ‘ciprian honey cathedral’, Meeks captures the ...

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Reinout van den Bergh: Eboundja

By Patrycja Rozwora - 11/7/20

Reinout van den Bergh (b. 1957, The Netherlands) went back and forth to Cameroon for several extended trips between 2011 and 2017, attempting to document the changing reality of one specific village in this West African country: Eboundja.

Less than ten kilometr...

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Juergen Teller & Nobuyoshi Araki: Leben und Tod

By Linda Zhengová - 10/8/20

Juergen Teller (b. 1964, Germany) and Nobuyoshi Araki (b.1940, Japan) can be both considered among the elite of contemporary photography. The latest collaboration between the two seminal photographers is ‘Leben und Tod’ (published by Steidl) where the authors...

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Lin Zhipeng (no.223): Grand Amour

By Linda Zhengová - 10/3/20

Lin Zhipeng (b.1979), also known under the alias “223”, is a Chinese photographer and writer currently based in Beijing. In 2018, he did a project during a four-day stay at the Grand Amo...

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Marco van Duyvendijk: Valetudo

By Patrycja Rozwora - 09/25/20

Some years ago, Marco van Duyvendijk (b. 1974) went through a dark and intense period of life. He had the feeling of falling apart, over and over again. With ‘Valetudo’, he took the loneliness and isolation that came with this existential episode as a starting point for a cr...

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Imagining Everyday Life: Engagements with Vernacular Photography

By Linda Zhengová - 09/17/20

‘Imagining Everyday Life: Engagements with Vernacular Photography’ published by Steidl and The Walther Collection brings together leading academics dealing with vernacular photography to discuss the social relevance of this type of imagery from various perspectives.

Vernacular photogra...

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Carlo Rusca: Turistica

By Linda Zhengová - 09/10/20

When Carlo Rusca (b. 1989, Italy) returned back to Locarno in 2016, after six years of working as a director of photography in Germany and Brazil, he felt estranged both by the fact how he remembered the town and the discrepancy between how Locarno is presented: as a touristic de...

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Eman Ali: Succession

By Patrycja Rozwora - 09/9/20

‘Succession’ is a cahier format artist book by Eman Ali (b. 1986, United Kingdom), who lives and works between London, Oman and Bahrain. The work was commissioned by Ffotogallery in Wales on on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Place I Call Home’, and ...

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By Linda Zhengová - 09/6/20

In 2016, Galician photographer Ruth Montiel Arias (b. 1977, Spain) started following different groups of hunters in various batidas (hunting modalities) in Spain. ‘Bestiae’, as this 2-year project is titled, has now turned into a multi-layered photobook reflecting on the ritu...

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Alex de Mora: Straight Outta Ulaanbaatar

By Linda Zhengová - 08/25/20

In 2019, London-based photographer and film director Alex de Mora travelled to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. For his project ‘Straight Outta Ulaanbaatar’, he was particularly interested in documenting the city’s unrepresented hip-hop scene which exploded in Mongolia...

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Ariko Inaoka: Eagle and Raven

By Linda Zhengová - 08/24/20

Ariko Inaoka (b. 1975, Japan) started to photograph Erna and Hrefna, identical twins from Iceland, since 2008, visiting them every year to capture the very precious period of their growth from children to teenagers. They are always together and almost never fight with each other....

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Damian Heinisch: 45

By Linda Zhengová - 08/9/20

Damian Heinisch (b. 1968, Poland/Germany) is an Oslo-based artist who grew up in Germany, where he completed his MA in Visual Arts at the Folkwang School, Essen. Recently, he also won the Read More


By Linda Zhengová - 08/2/20

Long-standing Magnum member Josef Koudelka (b. 1938, Czech Republic) comes with a new monograph: ‘Ruins’ (published by Thames & Hudson) – a grand overview of Koudelka’s photographs captured throughout the Mediterranean in the span of twenty-eight years. While visi...

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Txema Salvans: Perfect Day

by Daniel Milroy Maher  - 07/31/20

‘This project aims to reveal the physical and emotional resilience of our species. In this resilience – paradoxically – lies the tragedy of being human. Where other species give up, ours is able to withstand a little more,’ writes Txema Salvans of his latest b...

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JULIE POLY: Ukrzaliznytsia

By Linda Zhengová - 07/26/20

Yulia Polyashchenko (b.1986, Ukraine) is a Kyiv-based photographer who goes by the artistic name Julie Poly. She is particularly known for her editorials in Ukraine’s Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, among many other fashion magazines. But in her latest monograph ‘Ukrzaliznytsia...

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Ken Light: Midnight La Frontera

By Linda Zhengová - 07/19/20

Ken Light (b. 1951, the USA), a renowned socially engaged photographer, re-visits his pictures taken between 1983 and 1987: night rides with the U.S. Border Patrol agents guarding the Californian/Mexican border. While the agents searched for migrants along the border, Light captu...

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By Linda Zhengová - 07/6/20

The primacy of church, suppression of women, ethnic and sexual minorities, ecological problems, fake news and propaganda in Poland are all topics addressed in Agnieszka Sejud’s ‘HOAX’.

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Scott Caruth: ملثم (‘Molatham’)

By Patrycja Rozwora - 07/2/20

Scott Caruth (b. 1990, Scotland) recently concluded a six years long research into studio portraiture photography from the West Bank. 

The title ملثم (‘Molatham’) literary translates ‘to cover one’s ...

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By Linda Zhengová - 06/24/20

Maria Dabrowski (b. 1988, The Netherlands) researched her family roots, revealing a story of expatriation, war crimes and trauma. ‘Odsłonić’ her self-published monograph, consists of a collection of landscape and portrait photographs created between 2013-2016, making person...

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By Linda Zhengová - 06/15/20

‘African Cosmologies: Photography, Time, and the Other’ brings together 33 artists of African origins from around the globe in conjunction with the FotoFest Biennial 2020 exhibition. The included artists challenge traditional understandings of blackness and transnational histories in relation...

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By Linda Zhengová - 05/25/20

Xiaoxiao Xu (b. 1984, China), a Netherlands-based photographer with Chinese roots, observes both East and West from a distance in order to understand her identity and the stories behind the world she lives in. In her latest monograph, ‘Watering My Horse’ (The Eriskay Connecti...

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By Linda Zhengová - 05/20/20

‘New Skin’ by Mayumi Hosokura (b. 1979, Japan) is deeply inspired by the writing of feminist biologist/philosopher Donna Haraway – on the proposing of a novel vision on the concepts of identity, the body and desire in relation to our technological innovations. Hosokura incl...

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By Linda Zhengová - 05/18/20

François-Marie Banier (b.1947, France) is a playwright, actor, novelist, artist, and photographer. His latest monograph ‘Battlefields’ (published by Steidl) contains images captured between 1994-2018 at Gay Prides in Brussels, London, New York, Paris and Rome. Besides the ce...

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John Divola: Chroma

By Linda Zhengová - 05/13/20

Throughout his photography career, John Divola (b. 1949, the USA) has approached a wide range of subjects, oscillating between the abstract and the specific. For his latest monograph ‘Chroma’ (published by Skinnerboox), Divola presents a series of images that function as a vi...

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Centralia: Poulomi Basu

By Linda Zhengová - 05/13/20

Poulomi Basu (b.1983, India) is a transmedia artist, photographer and an activist. Her first photobook ‘Centralia’ (published by Dewi Lewis), exposes hidden crimes of war where indigenous people fight for their survival; a conflict that remained largely invisible particularly...

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By Linda Zhengová - 05/13/20

Henrik Spohler (b. 1965, Germany) has worked as a freelance photographer since 1992 and from 2009 he became a professor of Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. In his latest monograph, ‘Hypothesis’ (published by Hartmann Books), he aims to add...

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By Linda Zhengová - 05/13/20

Maria Lax is a London-based photographer with a background in cinematography, which influences her photographic oeuvre highlighted with precise use of colour, and an amalgamation of fantasy and reality. In ‘Some Kind of Heavenly Fire’, her first monograph, she returns to her ...

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by Deanna Dikeman - 05/13/20

Deanna Dikeman (b. 1954, United States) documented her parents’ life for nearly 27 years. In the images, we can see her mother and father – during different life stages – waving her good-bye as she drives away.

Climate change and its massive consequences is something we can no longer deny. However, the hard changes our nature and environment have to endure are not immediately visible to our eyes, which makes us blind and ignorant as the problems increase. It is this paradigm...

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AIKATERINI GEGISIAN: Handbook of the Spontaneous Other

By Linda Zhengová - 05/10/20

Aikaterini Gegisian (b. 1976, Greece) is an artist of Greek-Armenian heritage who is currently based in both the UK and Greece. In her work, she generally explores the role of imagery in the construction of national and gender identities. In her latest monograph, ‘Handbook of the Spontaneous Ot...

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Niina Vatanen: Time Atlas

By Linda Zhengová - 02/26/20

The art practice of Niina Vatanen (b. 1977, Finland) is based on cumulating layers into her images through painting, cutting, staging and re-photographing. Her latest publication ‘Time Atlas’ (2019) includes playful interventions that highlight the primacy of sight as the inherent as...

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By Linda Zhengová - 01/27/20

What can queerness bring to visual culture? That is a question triggered by the recent title n e w f l e s h published by Gnomic Book. It introduces an abundance of artists who aim to bring across a new way of looking, detached from traditional understandings of gender and identity in the current...

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Campaign Child: Xiaopeng Yuan

By Alex Blanco - 12/6/19

Campaign Child by Chinese artist Xiaopeng Yuan (b. 1988, China), a Shanghai-based photographer, immediately takes off with confronting and rather absurd images: a breathless canary bird crushed down with a clean film on the floor; a hospital bed dripping with liquid; children s...

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GUP TEAM - 03/6/19

The Ozark mRead More

Rayon Vert

Erik Vroons - 08/1/18

Swiss photographer Senta Simond (b.1989) arranged sessions between herself and her subjects – young female friends she has been closely acquainted with for a decade or so. In these somewhat outlandish photographs, a mix of colour and duotone, the young women come across as empowered, dre...

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By Marie Pöpping - 01/16/18

French photographer Patrick Willocq (b. 1969) spent several years of his childhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as he says, “at the age of six when your mind starts opening to the world.” Decades later, he followed the urge to reconnect with his early youth and moved back to ...

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GUP TEAM - 06/11/15

Polish photographer Jan Brykczynski spent a year travelling between Nairobi, New York, Warsaw, and Yerevan in order to document urban gardens, seeking the link between our increasingly disconnected rural and urban lifestyles. Brykczynski, who is an urban dwe...

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GUP TEAM - 02/25/15

From 2012-2014, American photographer Alec Soth (b. 1969) travelled across the USA to find out what social interaction means in an age of virtual connections. During the trip Soth self-published a series of seven newspapers—the ̶...

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