Dancing with Myself

Dancing with Myself


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Dancing with Myself




Softcover / 228 pages / 208 x 270 mm



Dancing with Myself shows the works of 34 artists who use their own bodies and cultural identies as their subject matter. The book includes painting, sculpture, video, and photography from the past 50 years from the French Pinault Collection.

The book, which was produced as a catalogue for the exhibition at the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany, is divided into thematic sections. Games of Identities, for example, features several works by Cindy Sherman among other artists. The section Political Autobiographies includes Nan Goldin’s classic image One Month After Being Battered (1984) but also a more recent series by Ruby Latoya Frazier, who zooms in on her own family living in an impoverished and polluted town in the American Rust Belt. The book shows how the way in which artists turn their camera or eye on themselves can vary: from using their own body merely as a mannequin to political commentary to performative self-invention.

Dancing with Myself was featured in the books section of GUP#52, the Mirror issue.