Sound of Midnight

Sound of Midnight


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Sound of Midnight



Softcover / 248 pages / 146 x 220 mm



French photographer Clément Paradis (1983) writes in the introduction to Sound of Midnight that he realised in his teens that all he wanted to do was party. Triggered by reading Bret Easton Elis’s Glamorama – a book of satire that meant to serve as a warning against celebrity culture and consumption – Paradis says he started to go out nearly every night of the week. “We wanted to be cool kids, floating away from all the sweat of the everyday life, surrounded by chicks whose only passions are fashion and parties.” What follows are night photographs of parties, drinking, nude girls, pissing, and then more drinking, more pissing, more girls. Everything is seen through blurred vision and shadows. Printed on smoky matte black paper, the book smoulders with nightlife that refuses to acknowledge the existence of the morning after.

Sound of Midnight was featured in GUP#44, the Raw issue, and is available from Timeshow Press.