Lin Zhipeng (no.223): Grand Amour


GUP Author

Linda Zhengová


Grand Amour


Witty Books


Hardcover, 204 pages, 170 x 240 mm


First Edition Sold Out (Second Edition expected)

Lin Zhipeng (b.1979), also known under the alias “223”, is a Chinese photographer and writer currently based in Beijing. In 2018, he did a project during a four-day stay at the Grand Amour Hotel in Paris. For his shoot, “223” had only two requirements: “All Asians. And older than 18!”

The result from the photoshoot was an exhibition, ‘No.223@GrandAmour’, curated by Anna Mistal in collaboration with Andre Saraiva which happened at the same hotel where “223” created the photographs. Now, this project has turned into a photobook, ‘Grand Amour’, published by Witty Books.

‘Grand Amour’ is about living in the moment, it is poetic and dreamy with narrative elements. The images can be described as playful and erotic snapshots that show intertwined naked bodies, flowers, fruits and patterns within the colourful interiors of the Grand Amour Hotel. His signature use of bright flash provides the photographs with a sense of spontaneity and adds a diaristic quality to the images. Some of the erotic photographs include doves and flowers, which results in making his libertine subjects look both tender and confident.

“223” seemingly continues the quest of his peer Ren Hang (who committed suicide February 23, 2017), celebrating the life of young people despite state oppression. By sharing his intimate approach to life, the artists’ work stimulates a voyeuristic curiosity. In return, it allows access to Chinese youth who refuse to conform to the mainstream and established norms, making the photographs not only aesthetic but also politically motivated.

The first edition of ‘Grand Amour’ is currently sold out. However, a second edition is announced.