GUP Author

Anthony Guevara


Deep Night


Deep is the night. It is fascinating in its mystery, the unseen provoking and prodding the imagination. The dark is as seductive as it is sinister, shadowy store fronts and parking lots mirroring the dark corners of the mind. To look into the dark abyss is to look into ourselves. Our minds desperately try to fill the black space with something familiar, something to grasp onto.

And in David Nissen’s (b. 1969) book Deep Night, there is a lot of dark space to tease our minds, entire pages often left completely black. Here, splashes of light in the deep darkness seldom define, they merely suggest. Taken along on his nightly road trips, we come across the few things that belong to this lonely time of the day: parked cars, garages, gas stations, laundromats, diners. The outside world is enveloped in shadow. As we move through Nissen’s book, we are given occasional, often indirect glimpses of a distant sun. These act as reminders that, eventually, the night, too, will be divided, and the shadows will be brought into the light. But that’s not where Nissen is taking us: we are on a journey to the end of the night, to its deepest depths.

Deep Night was self-published by David Nissen in a limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies.