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Generation Wealth

In Generation Wealth, a 504-page photobook wrapped in gold silk, American photographer Lauren Greenfield (b. 1966) takes on the influence of affluence. The book collects more than 25 years of her work on the excesses of capitalist culture, from those who amass obscene wealth to those who chase it. Greenfield’s documentary photographs of celebrities, the wealthy, the upwardly mobile and the downtrodden alike are shown here in combination with interviews of those portrayed, offering another layer of depth to the stunning gloss and bling of her subjects. Inside, we learn the complicated costs of our collective pursuit of fame and fortune. In Greenfield’s gold-plated dystopian nightmare, too much is never enough.

To learn more about the project, read our interview with Lauren Greenfield.

Generation Wealth was featured in GUP#54, the Playful issue.