Short Flashes

Short Flashes


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Short Flashes



Softcover / 48 pages / 300x420mm


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When Polish photographer Wiktoria Wojciechowska (1991) travelled to China, she was captivated by the busy streets and the vibrantly coloured mass of people passing by on bicycles and scooters. Braving the bustling city streets even in inclement weather, protected by raincoats that almost swallow them whole, the commuters are flash-frozen mid-journey as they zoom past the photographer. Their expressions, sometimes fiercely practical, and other times simply miserable, convey the bad weather and low temperatures they endure while getting from one place to another in open air. Taken with a hard flash, Wojciechowska isolates the bikers from their environment, emphasizing their colourful rain ponchos and concentrated faces, embodying a melancholic metaphor for a wistful sense of movement. The final result is, as she describes, “a new family album to remember the people she never knew”.