American Cowboy

American Cowboy


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American Cowboy



Hardcover / 120 pages / 210 x 290 mm



Finnish photographer Karoliina Paatos (1979) takes us on a journey through contemporary cowboy culture, which she photographed over the last six years, trying to redefine the persistent myth of the cowboy. The newly released book American Cowboy depicts the harshness of ranch life through a meditative account of the daily life aspects of cowboy work, including not only the typical young male cowboys, but also women, families and children. Paatos uses a calibrated mix of classic photographic approaches like portraiture, landscapes, and documentary to present her perspective. The cowboy’s exposure to the forces of nature is captured in an atmosphere of solitude, freedom and beauty, still maintaining a sense of profound truthfulness. With her work Paatos has bestowed authenticity to the deeply-rooted myth of American cowboy culture.

American Cowboy has been published in a first edition of 750 copies and it was featured in GUP#50, the Hidden Gems issue. To learn more about Paatos’s series, read our interview with her.