Golden Days Before They End

Golden Days Before They End


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Golden Days Before They End


Hardback / 250 pages / 280x220mm



They still exist, the little cafés and bars of Vienna where time seems to have stopped. Far removed from the modernity of Austria’s capital city, the drinking dens are social institutions of a time gone by, relics of a generation where bar regulars form something like a family. The Branntweiner style of watering hole opens at five in the morning, others at 9am, and still others open in the afternoon or the evening, all in all providing a 24-hour drinking service for the perpetually ‘thirsty’.

In Golden Days Before They End, Klaus Pichler (photos) and Clemens Marschall (text) document the circus of the everyday in these small Viennese bars, capturing the aging regulars’ unapologetic smoking and drinking, fighting and dancing, and general aimless tomfoolery amidst decades-old decor. Behind closed doors, it becomes impossible to tell whether it’s day or night, and the passage of time is rendered irrelevant. The party rages on… as long as it can.

Golden Days Before They End was featured in GUP#50, the Hidden Gems issue.