L’Indifférence Des Étoiles

L'Indifférence Des Étoiles


GUP Author



L'Indifférence Des Étoiles


Hardback / 80 Pages / 190 x 260 mm



=In his first photography book, Paris-based artist Julien Mauve wrestles with L’Indifférence Des Étoiles – the indifference of the stars. He intersperses photos of the stars with moments of human life: a TV broadcasting only static, a woman looking out of a window inexplicably, lights that are turned on but seem to illuminate nothing. The result speaks to a search for answers in a universe that refuses to deliver any. Mauve explains: “It is about the quest for meaning and the difficulty to live with the knowledge that we exist.” The work combines black and white images with colour images, though the overwhelming sensation is an experience rich in contrast but devoid of colour.

L’Indifférence Des Étoiles was featured in GUP#53, the Infinity issue.