The Last Testament

The Last Testament


GUP Author

Katherine Oktober Matthews


The Last Testament



Hardback / 464 pages / 170 x 245 mm


£40 / €45 / $50

Since the crucifixion of Christ, many have asked, if and when Jesus returns, would we recognise him, or her, the second time around? The Last Testament, a book from Jonas Bendiksen (b. 1977, Norway), is a study of seven contemporary men who each claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Bendiksen combines his documentary photography with excerpts from the men’s scriptural teachings, and his first-person accounts of meeting the men and their disciples. Printed and bound in bible format, with gold edging and text printed on delicate paper, The Last Testament is both detached and reverent. The photographer doesn’t attempt to conclude whether any of these men are indeed divinity incarnate, but rather, to engage with the question: what if?

All Images © Jonas Bendiksen/ Magnum Photos. The Last Testament was included in GUP#55, the Wonder issue, and is available from the two publishers, Aperture and GOST.