The House Project

The House Project


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The House Project



Hardback / 108 pages / 320x255mm


€65 / £45 / $70

“The mind is like a house and the house is like the mind”, states photographer Roger Ballen (1950, USA) in his new book, The House Project, a collaboration with writer Didi Bozzini. Both artists agree that one can move around in the brain, from deep subconscious thoughts in the basement, to the transcendent in the attic, resulting in a new look at Ballen’s work (spanning 1999 – 2013) through the house as a metaphor for the mind. The book starts from the bottom, in the dark cellar, the images consisting of ghostly forms and blurred face-like shapes. From there, the reader is led up to the maze of the ground and first floors, where the subjects read with more accessible recognition. Finally, in the attic, birds are suspended in mid-air and religious iconography is used alongside those familiar sketched faces. Ballen’s psychological black and white photography serves as masterful guide to the mystery of the mind.

The House Project was included in the books section of GUP#48, Mixing it Up.