Girl Culture

Girl Culture


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Girl Culture



Hardcover / 156 pages / 264 x 315 mm


£30 / €35

Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield is back. Fourteen years after its first publication, Chronicle Books presents again this unapologetic portrayal of the influences that shape Western teenage girls, particularly in the US, of the new millennium. The photographs are audacious, and so are the portrayed girls, sharing with the viewer their feelings, their images, their stories. The book is comprised of 100 images, 18 interviews and an introduction by social and cultural historian Joan Jacobs Brumberg, which presents a reflection on how society’s development over the

last century have profoundly changed girls’ perception of themselves, suggesting self-identities are actually regulated by capitalistic dynamics. Taken as a meditation on the pre-social-media era, Girl Culture is a bittersweet display of what being a girl means, how girls are expected to behave, and how helplessly ridiculous certain behavioural codes are. A visually compelling yet disquieting report.

Girl Culture Was featured in GUP #51, the Rituals issue.