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Titia Hahne

Concrete is the backdrop of the most recent project shot by Titia Hahne (b. 1981, The Netherlands), a collection of images shot for Sony that aims to frame the habitat of skateboarders by capturing how they interact with the surrounding environment. The city, with its functional square angles, is juxtaposed to intimate moments of success and solitude, somehow suggesting a reappropriation of space through kickflips.

Raw textures, straight lines and dark shadows: Hahne has always been drawn towards those details that enclose the essence of street culture, the smaller urban elements that form atmospheres simultaneously familiar and hostile. Hahne graduated from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2005. Over the years she has specialised in music photography, shooting a wide array of singers, rock stars and bands for national and international publications, but her interest in subcultures and urban life has led to the exploration of many other subjects, with projects that range from portraiture to architectural photography.

Recently, Hahne was commission by Sony to test the new FE 85mm F1.4 GM lens. The result of her skatepark series can be found exclusivelyin GUP #58.