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Karolina Sekula

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This series tells the story of a middle-aged couple lost in the modern world, who have chemical addictions, violent disorders and no prospects. ‘What if’ by Karolina Sekula (b. 1984, Poland) works with the layering and juxtaposition of images to explore a disjointed and non-linear narrative. Where hopelessness, fear and loneliness tie fragments of time together; Identities become obscured by toys, scratches and bruises, the ephemera of the moment. Yet the title and accompanying text contain a sliver of hope with them asking “What if … ?”

“We lived as if there’s no tomorrow …
together … for fear of loneliness
the silence woke up demons, chaos arose
if only someone told us how not to be so terrified
What would happen
If we were to each other, not only out of fear of loneliness?
If we knew of no short-cuts?
If only someone told us how not to be so terrified?”
Karolina Sekula