Igor Pisuk

Artist Website

In the series Something is Pushing, Igor Pisuk (b. 1984, Poland) shows a collection of black-and-white photographs, as well as vibrant colour portraits and close-ups. The photographs in this collection are truthful and raw, and they show both the beautiful and darker sides of spending days together in a blossoming relationship.

Pisuk and his lover, Agata Pyzik, started living together after both having been through a severe episode of depression and they realised they could make their lives better spending their days filled with love and happiness. They spent a difficult winter mostly staying in bed, which is a reoccurring theme throughout the series. These images share a certain intimacy and love, while also showing the danger of alienation when creating your own isolated bubble.

There is an interesting play between his black-and-white photography and his colour images. It is not simply a juxtaposition, with colour meaning life and monochrome meaning darkness and morbidity. Sometimes it turns out to be the exact opposite. While the burst of colour in images can express intensity and revelation, it can also express anxiety, exposing the danger of falling back into the druggy haze Pisuk once was in. A surplus of colour, a sudden wave of it, has the value of shock, and can suddenly blind you.

Igor Pisuk is one of three photographers selected by GUP for an online portfolio from all submissions for the PHmuseum Mobile Photography Prize.