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Gerardo Vizmanos

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Gerardo Vizmanos’ (b.1975, Spain) photographic production is a rich blend of subjective emotions expressed through movement and static instants frozen in time, a juxtaposition between speed and stillness, close interaction and distance, heat and apathy. Desires, fears, love and loneliness all play their part in the photographer’s work, balancing each other between past and present. Vizmanos’ exploration of identity is built around the concept of imagined memories which, by becoming ingrained in one’s mind, alter reality and behaviour. The subjects in his pictures appear alien, undefinable. Contorted bodies speak without the presence of a face, allowing the viewer to interpret the human condition from a new angle.

Vizmanos trained as a lawyer in Spain and New York before deciding to dedicate himself to photography. His earlier work focused almost entirely on the body, while at a later stage he decided to incorporate new elements, including landscapes, objects and portraits, to create a series which would describe alternative expressions of identity from a wider perspective. Vizmanos was awarded by the International Talent Support in 2011, and since then has been working with both commercial and conceptual photography between London and New York.