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Myriam Boulos

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Myriam Boulos (b.1992, Lebanon) came to world right after the Lebanese Civil War. The country was fragmented and required urgent transformation. At the age of 16, Boulos started capturing Beirut to critically reflect on the city, its people, and her place among them. She uses the medium to explore, defy and resist society in order to constantly reinvent herself in the body and the city she lives in.

In ‘Tenderness’, she photographs skins, textures, and traces of society and capitalism on our bodies; black and white images showing an abundance of kissing couples and naked bodies that are occasionally alternated with images of objects, abandoned streets or shots of a computer screen.

Her mixture of erotica, street life and personal point of view result in a unique body of work that maps out the contemporary portrait of Beirut, and its citizens. Boulos’ use of harsh flash captures her subjects in a raw and vulnerable state, metaphorically mirroring the crudeness of the urban environment. This series is, as such, a quest for tenderness in a city seemingly founded on its self-destruction.