Olga Sondyk

Artist Website

The photo project Alienation by France-based photographer Olga Sondyk (b. 1988, Russia) assembles black-and-white photos, sound and video records and snippets of online conversations with friends. All these elements are the photographer’s possible answers to the questions that appear after a break-up, when one’s soul is full to the brim with emotions like alienation, detachment and emptiness.

With her project, Sondyk visually asks her viewers and herself: ‘How can two random people be attracted to each other?’. She finds explanations by documenting her routine in grainy and abstracted portraits of people and objects, which make them appear mysterious and slightly grim. However, when looking carefully, one discovers a special dynamic, and Sondyk’s unique compositional approach seems to present the message that no matter how bleak life might seem after a separation, it tends to get better, especially with the support of close friends that patiently listen to your rhetorical questions.