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David Uzochukwu

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At the age of 18, David Uzochukwu (b.1998, Austria) has established his portfolio with a mix of editorial, commercial and personal work. Most recently, the Brussels-based photographer worked closely with the musician Benjamin Clementine.

Regardless of the type of work Uzochukwu finds himself in, his style of photography remains evident – capturing individuals in a light in which they appear both susceptible yet powerful at the same time. As we progress through this collection of personal work, the individuals featured are shown in a soft light, both realistic and fantastical, resulting in his images creating an emotional and intimate bond between the photographer and viewer.

Each photograph projects some form of vulnerability, and the closer we look, the more we attempt to decipher. Uzochukwu appears to be drawn to the human body, and here, the human body is represented by testing its own limits in some form, both physically and emotionally. The collection depicts that of struggle and the journey to self-fulfilment, perhaps something that Uzochukwu himself is striving to as his portfolio grows.

David Uzochukwu is represented by Galerie Number 8.