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Jillian Freyer

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The Four by Jillian Freyer (b. 1989, USA) is an ongoing project that started as “an effort to explain and detangle” the relationship between the author’s two sisters, their mother and herself. The series is a collection of fragments, imperfect details and close-ups, combining colour with black and white pictures that stage physical interaction as a central theme: the result is a non-linear narrative outlining a sense of closeness and tension, typical of when family roles evolve and responsibilities are assumed differently by each member.

“These photographs became a collaboration that required the four of us,” explains Freyer, “engrossing ourselves with one another and becoming aware of each minute that passed, reinventing something we had seen times and times before and acknowledging these engagements in new ways”.

The author’s presence resides in the action of provoking a moment to occur, in order to crystallise certain expressions of the body, interrupting by doing so, an otherwise private moment.