Katrin Koenning

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Blurry and sandy landscapes, birds, dry trees and vividly green leaves juxtaposed with details of human skin and boundless skies: this is Swell, a new project by Australia based artist Katrin Koenning (b. 1978, Germany). Born out of anger at the toxic capitalism that puts Australia at risk of losing its ecosystems, the series aims at convincing people to make sustainable decisionsThere is still time to safeguard our future from being stained with oil and blighted with greed and disdain. Instead of presenting visuals of an expected ecological calamity, Swell avoids established cliches and focuses on positive environmental visualisations that highlight our current state of collective urgency. With her work, Koenning aims to show how we are all brought together by the tragedy of losing something extremely precious – our own connection with nature.

Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne, Australia is currently exhibiting Swell until May 12, 2019.