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Brenda Biondo

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The colour ‘sky blue’ is a hue that is easy to picture in the mind, a light, slightly greyish blue that is often seen painted on the walls of baby boy’s bedrooms or bathrooms, but in fact, the sky can present many different shades, from icy and pale, to deep and rich. Brenda Biondo (1985, USA) examines the perception of colour and form within her work in the series Paper Skies, in which she photographs printed images in front of the real sky, raising questions of space and geometry. Biondo folds and cuts the original images and holds them aloft before capturing them, the intense background colour due to her living at high altitude in the Colorado mountains, bringing the original piece into a new context, as a three-dimensional object. The resulting photographs are not edited manually or digitally in any way, creating an ambiguity between the real and the reproduced, and questioning photographs as physical objects, rather than just images.