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Andrea Roversi

MMA not only is the fastest growing sport in the world, it is also the most complete style of fighting because it mixes up all the martial arts and combat sports in a unique discipline. Inside the cage, you can hit with punches, elbows, kicks, knees but you are also allowed to make use of grappling techniques that arrive from wrestling.

Andrea Roversi (Italy, 1983) has attended over twenty MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events. For two years, he portrayed the ways in which the athletes prepare, focus, pray and empower themselves towards a fight. For MaiDomo (Italian for ‘never tamed’) he has photographed the athletes during training sessions, as they prepare themselves for a confrontation on the canvas. He also documented the fights from up-close, and followed the fighters back to the changing rooms – a stage far away from the limelight where the winners celebrate their victory and the defeated express their grief. MaiDomo delivers a harsh contrast between extreme physical contact and soft human emotions that Roversi brings to balance in his dark yet attenuated pictures.