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May 31, 2021

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Family – its definition, its function in modern society, and its historical value – is an issue worthy of analysis in the field of art, particularly photography and new media. Family in a literal or a transferred sense, an ideal or a profaned concept: all of this falls into OFF Bratislava’s range of interests. Family as a nonconforming coexistence, a value amid uncertainty, or support in happiness and during tragedy: this comprises the central festival theme this year.

Submit your project, which should be within the scope of the above mentioned theme, by 31 May 2021 by sending an electronic application form. Submitted proposals must contain information about the artist, contact person, project/work details, and installation. Registration fee: € 19/OFF Bratislava; € 49/OFF Academy; € 39/OFF Satellite 

The OFF Bratislava board will select from among the submitted applications those projects that will be included in the festival programme presented during November 2021. Artists/curators will be informed of the results and follow-up procedures by the end of July 2021.

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