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Jisun Choi

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The meticulously constructed scenes in Korean photographer Jisun Choi’s series My Sweet Home seem so perfectly made that the work approaches the surreal. Clean symmetry and crisply chosen colours, together with an obsessive level of control over every detail of placement and inclusion in the images, make the images an ode to perfectionism and the anxiety that accompanies it, part and parcel.

When Choi moved into an apartment on her own, she was confronted with the different phobias, obsessions and other behavioural tics she experiences. Wanting to share her experiences and thoughts, Choi depicts the different kinds of anxieties that she’s become accustomed to, by photographing herself together with props in her home. While ‘home’ is typically associated with comfort and security, and a freedom from the judgment of others, Choi illustrates how those external judgments can become internalized and express themselves even in one’s private space.

Choi demands perfection from herself; everything in the images, from the sets to the costumes that she wears, is made, staged and photographed by her. With this eye for detail and a sense of humour, Choi presents us with distinctive images that show the beauty and isolation that come with having severe forms of anxiety, even in one’s own home.