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Camilo Amaya

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With his black-and-white photo series Médula, which is the Spanish word for marrow, photographer Camilo Amaya captures impressions of his experiences and memories. Drawing together disparate subject matters and sceneries, Amaya reveals visual thoughts that are somehow incomplete, fragmentary or fading. Amaya explains that the series focuses on “the point where these memories begin to become more fragile, due to the constant passing of time.” This fragility is reflected in the tension between the details which are still able to be pulled out of the image, and those that are lost to deep contrast, graininess and the absence of colour.

By working with a flash as the main light source in this work, Amaya creates a visual analogy to the way impulses run through our brain. According to Amaya, this imitates the way we want to hold on to our memories but must ultimately give in to the way they fade over time.