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Christelle Boulé

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In Drops, Christelle Boulé visualises the ineffable experience of smelling a perfume. Boulé developed a process that captures the image of a fragrance by placing a few drops of perfume on colour photographic paper. After drying, the paper is exposed to light and put into developer solution. The result is different for each fragrance, capturing the intangible act of smelling; some perfumes are translated visually into a universe of stars, some seem to come straight from an underwater world, while yet others remind the viewer of the life of micro-organisms seen through a microscope. Drops features a collection of 100 images which hold the faint odour of the perfume that was used for their creation. By transforming the olfactory into the visual, a new relationship between these different senses is created, and you are left to marvel at the simple elegance of shapes, colours and smells in front of you.