Antigone Kourakou: Episodes

Antigone Kourakou: Episodes


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Antigone Kourakou

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The work of Antigone Kourakou (b. 1979, Greece) discreetly leads us to the threshold of a quite unanticipated, silent introspection. By stirring up deep-rooted images and moments, her photography prompts the viewer to fill in the blanks. These elliptical scenes and oblique personas define unresolved circumstances that ignite our imaginative faculties.

Faces, gestures, branches, leaves, thick shadows – together they signify an enigmatic world. What lies at the core of her work is not so much reality as encountered; it is more concerned with the quest for an equilibrium – a parity between the mundane (female) world and a fictional escape from it.

The line between fact and fiction is blurred in our day and age. We are swirling from one interlude to the next, a perpetual motion of incidents, adventures, and events. Kourakou is sensitive to the states of being that result from these fluctuations, the vibrations of a life in flux. But she manages to embrace such confusion, the shadow of things, the drift, with a timeless and serene aesthetic.