GUP °72 / The Other Side Magazine 1



GUP °72 / The Other Side Magazine 1



Individualized as each of us may be, don’t we sometimes crave to be part of a larger whole? A collective that shares common characteristics, attitudes, and interests as those of our own? In this (post-)covid limbo, we felt the need to reflect on this idea of an imagined community across continents, woven together through empathy.

On that note, GUP presents you with two exclusive interviews. One is with Mous Lamrabat, who elaborates on his mixed background and how it manifests itself in his colorful works full of cultural references. The other one showcases the yet unpublished project of Bharat Sikka, who focuses on Indian upper middle-class youth, providing a unique and tender insight into his culture. Inside you can also find portfolios featuring the works of American photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis and Fresh Eyes 2019 talent Jan Philipzen — both a mix of their personal and commissioned works. We close off the main section by highlighting the oeuvre of James Barnor, a 93-year-old Ghanaian photogra- phy icon who still continues to be active in the field.

As literary critic Rudolf Steiner once proclaimed, “A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror Editorial Team of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living”. Through this issue, we invite you to learn about the different communities featured, and to take the time to contemplate and immerse yourself into these one-of-a-kind worlds: all in one place, right here— GUP n°72.

The brand new element of this magazine is The Other Side — a collaboration with our fellow Amsterdam partners Patta and MTG. Together, we bring you the latest news in fashion, culture, photography, and sports from the tulip metropolis. On this special occasion, we provide you with an interview with Edson and Tim Sabajo, the crucial figures behind the Patta projects. By way of an in-depth conversation, they share their thoughts on the brand and upcoming projects. Additionally, we feature a portfolio of Yamandú Roos who, apart from working closely with Patta for years, is also documenting the surround- ings and people he meets during his travels. Another documentary photographer who often teams up with Patta is Stacii Samidin, who we interviewed to explore his collab with Clarks and his personal project Societies. Last but not least is a detailed article about the hip-hop jewelry culture that is being celebrated in one of Taschen‘s books, Ice Cold.

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