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Panos Charalampidis, Mary Chairetaki

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For many people, the opportunity to go to school and finish education seems like something that is certain, never thinking that there may be some obstacle or reason to give up school. Greek photography duo Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki decided to capture people who had decided to return to education in their series, Second Chance. The resulting images are portraits of a wide range of people, of varying ages and backgrounds, revealing more about them than just their physical appearance. Items from the school are also dispersed through the series, such as a small collection of roses in a plastic water bottle or a wall map of Greece. These are people who have to deal with economic and personal worries, the weight on their shoulders visible in these melancholic, but hopeful images, their families’ expectations pushing them forward into obtaining qualifications. Charalampidis and Chairetaki built close bonds with their subjects, asking them of their hopes for the future and photographing subjects who were trying to win back lost time.