Will Harris

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In this work, Will Harris (b. 1990, United States) confronts the complexities of his grandmother Evelyn Beckett’s dementia. By juxtaposing images of his childhood’s house with photographs that show the erased faces of his granny at different stages of her life, he restores the pieces of a lost memory. The narrative he creates is based both on fiction and real events. Combining the stories that Evelyn told Harris when he was a child, vernacular photographs from family albums, and audio recordings, the photographer comes up with something strangely new, haunting, and at times painfully beautiful.

When his grandmother’s dementia started around 10 years ago, Harris turned from a grandson into an old friend, and his mother went from daughter to caretaker. These factors didn’t stop the artist from creating the piece that he calls a rebirth, a possibility of a new start that was born out of this peculiar metamorphose.