Final exhibition of Bird in Flight Prize 2020

Final exhibition of Bird in Flight Prize 2020


GUP Author

Alex Blanco

The international photography contest Bird in Flight Prize 2020 is ready to showcase its 10 short-listed photographers chosen by the international jury of curators, photographers, artists, and photo editors from the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and Sweden. The exhibition will take place in the streets of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and online, on the platform Bird in Flight, starting from the 13th of November.

In the previous years, Bird in Flight has collaborated with Kyiv’s art galleries that presented works of selected photographers. Due to this year’s pandemic, however, along with the online presentation, Bird in Flight team has opted to escape the white cube and to use the city centre of Kyiv instead – to integrate the offline and online ways of exhibiting the artworks and also to involve a broader audience into the global issues by means of contemporary photography.

While Kyiv locals will have a special tour around the street artworks, the online viewers will be able to observe the images placed in the city centre through the gaze of CCTVs cameras. But Bird in Flight is using CCTV in an alternative manner – not as security cameras, serving as a medium to control the civilian’s behaviour, but rather to monitor the art itself.

The online platform meanwhile also offers a special feature: it invites to create your own exhibition, by applying the pictures in a different sequence and by choosing a suitable format for each of the frames.

Bird in Flight Prize has been held annually since 2018. All shortlisted projects are available here. To learn more about the contest and to apply, please visit the Bird in Flight Prize website.