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Laura Pannack

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In her series, Young British Naturists, London-based photographer Laura Pannack highlights the beauty of nakedness – both of the body and of the natural world. She photographs young adults together and in solitude eating, laughing, smoking, playing games, and relaxing in the woods – essentially, living their lives, albeit in the nude.

By capturing the men and women doing everyday activities, Pannack shows how ‘normal’ life can be without clothes and in nature. Harmonious and peaceful, the naturists express an idealism typically associated with the Garden of Eden: nudity without awareness or shame. Pannack photographs them with the warm glow of natural light, emphasizing and embracing the unadorned.

Pannack’s series highlights the more positive connotations of being naked and shows how nakedness brings liberation, purity, and togetherness. She shows how by not wearing clothing, it’s possible to remove the boundary that often separates us from one another. In this vein, her photographs not only speak to how nakedness can be liberating, but also to its power to bring people together.