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Pedro Maia

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Recycling waste not only benefits the environment, it breathes new life into old objects that were once destined for the landfill. In his series Wasteland, Portuguese artist Pedro Maia (1983) works with waste material produced by an analogue film lab and degraded film material to create dynamic abstractions. With colours and textures that blend together, his images seem like they were created on another plane of existence.

As a result of the erosion and destruction of the materials, the images originally exposed on Maia’s film form the background layer for a completely new picture. This image is detached from its former meaning and is re-opened to interpretation through its obscurity and vibrant expressions of colour.

Wasteland aims to re-use materials that were created by the development process of film. This degraded film material contains within it the seeds of its own destruction, eroding the chemicals and changing the image within the film even more as time goes on. According to Maia, Wasteland refers to “a place of ambiguity and indeterminacy between life and death, in which any form of narrative or temporal logic are suspended”.

Wasteland was showcased at the first edition of Slideluck Tokyo on April 1, 2016 at Galaxy Gingakei.