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Pawel Fabjanski

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Chewing gum, paper towels, styrofoam cups and pencils… the everyday objects of a school offer a ripe playground. In this “Untitled” series from Pawel Fabjanski (b. 1980), objects from the National Film School of Poland are used as source material in an effort to re-work tired objects into witty and beautiful one-liners, each a punchline to its own joke. Like the two chairs stuck to each other by gum, which is usually and disgustingly stuck underneath, or the framed portrait which has been subjected to an extremely precise attack of spit-balls, till all of the face has been covered.

Together with the set designer Zaza Slominska, Fabjanski constructed these temporary sculptures with each becoming an investigation into the materiality of the school, the result of a creative compulsion to alter and experiment. The images express a sculptural doodling, a boredom alleviated through the playful re-working of the objects, which the camera then captured and immortalised.