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We can all look at the past and describe how things have changed, but to determine the meaning of today within its historical context is a rather difficult mission. Kata Geibl (b.1989, Hungary) has always been curious about our relationship with the present; in her most recent projects she has been investigating how we perceive technological advancement and how we, subjectively, measure the distance that separates us from the future.

In Uncanny Valley, a series shot during a long stay in Finland in 2017, Geibl examines the contradictions of modernity by capturing landscapes made of trees and concrete, of iron and snow, of East and West. The title refers to the scientific term used to describe the feeling of anxiety human beings encounter when they interact with intelligent machines. The project, which depicts futuristic building blocks emerging from the nature of the Finnish Gulf, pushes the viewer to reconsider what his or her position is on the timeline of history.

Geibl’s newest body of work, Sisyphus, starts from the opposite direction: inspired by an ancient Greek myth where the King of Ephyra is punished for deceiving death, the photographer has created a collection of images that examine how the abundance of knowledge impacts our beliefs. The pictures Geibl has shot in a constructed science laboratory frame the tools humans have used to gain a better understanding of the world through the details that cannot be seen by the naked eye, such as atomic bomb detonations or microscopic environments.

Kata Geibl is represented by Supermarket Gallery