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Douglas Mandry

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Transitory Items, a series by Swiss photographer Douglas Mandry (b. 1989) recalls at first sight the photographic experiments of the early 20th century, in which shape has the primary role in the composition of images while the figurative significance loses its value. Mandry takes ordinary objects that cross his path on the desk, and by reducing the three dimensional quality of the spaces into a flat surface, achieves a formal observation of how the photographic medium can actually create a whole new perceptual experience: geometry becomes fluid, and it is deprived of its rigidity and original form.

The viewer is challenged to investigate an unknown visual space made of shapes and reflections that merge into each other, resulting in impalpable ‘sculptures’ that exist only in the two-dimensional space inscribed by the photograph. By doing so, the artist achieves his attempt of “blurring boundaries between the photographed object and the photograph itself.”