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Bianca Salvo

Oscillating between the factual and the fictional, Italian artist Bianca Salvo’s (b. 1986) work explores the connections between beliefs and the image. For the series The Universe Makers, Salvo collected space imagery and questioned their informative function and authenticity according to our pop cultural attitude towards the scientific and the outer space.

For example, the series highlights some breaking events in history, like the first man on the moon or the announcement of the Mars ONE mission that will establish the first human settlement on Mars. Yet, Salvo’s photography injects fantasy and storytelling into the imagery, thus capturing the mood of science fiction. “I have established a parallel dialogue between ultimate proofs and fake results transforming factual evidences into unrealistic scenarios,” Salvo states. This results in a collection of paper planes, spacey collages, archival imagery and a dream-like, old school group shot of the Mercury Seven. A fun dichotomy between the imaginable and the real.