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Tamara Abdul Hadi

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In her series, The People’s Salon, Tamara Abdul Hadi (b. 1980, United Arab Emirates) celebrates the burgeoning creative talent of hairdressers in Beirut, Palestine, and Gaza. “It is an appreciation of their personal style and their self-expression through self-care and hairstyles,” Hadi states. She captures the fascinating beauty secrets elaborated in Middle-Eastern barbershops in a vibrant manner. Bright colored backgrounds let the sleek and sometimes figurative hairstyles pop out even more. Not only their beards are perfectly trimmed, but they even enjoy black and golden face-masks to soothe their skin.

The traditional service together with cutting-edge techniques create more than just barbershops; they’re little social clubs. Here, men engage with one another and form close relationships. Hadi’s work touches on ideas of masculinity and self-representation in the absence of women.