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Jennifer Thoreson

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The bizarre scenes of Testament, in which couples and families, dressed only in their undergarments, interact with and are absorbed by strange, vibrantly coloured sculptures, make you want to take a closer look. To investigate heavy burdens and how we carry them, American photographer Jennifer Thoreson created dynamic sculptures made out of materials such as wool, linen, clay, human hair, and beeswax. These materials borrow symbolic language from the Bible, and create fleshy masses that illustrate the spiritual labour of bearing weght, submission, futileness, and persistence.

To create these meticulously staged photographs, Thoreson rented an empty house for a year, and transformed it into a working space. By styling each room with sentimental textiles, trinkets, and colours that remind her of her childhood home, she explores her own childhood, love and the intricacy of relationships. To her, the house is like a gateway; a silent space where people, in their delicate moments of raw humanness, can let go of their burdens and start anew.