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Kenta Okamoto

“When we walk along a road, we alternately recognize Images, on our screens, and Landscapes, around us” says Kenta Okamoto (b. 1989, Japan).

Thanks to always looking at our smartphones, a walk through nature is not what it used to be. According to Okamoto, the version of reality we see on our displays is different from real life. The presence of countless screens even alters our experience of the landscape itself. Believing that a picture can’t be a factual documentation, he uses distant stars to represent the distance between our phones and reality. Having been fascinated by science fiction novels since he was a teenager, Okamoto has always looked at the stars as a distant landscape he wanted to visit. The combination of space photographs with familiar landscapes creates an alienating and psychedelic universe that is more accessible than actual stars, but it’s still easy to get lost in.