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Evan Baden

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Young girls posing provocatively in front of a small phone camera – it’s something we’re now used to seeing, but normally without so much insight into the goings on surrounding the photo. Inspired by the increasing ubiquity of these seemingly private images across the internet, American photographer Evan Baden (b. 1985, Saudi Arabia) began a project of collecting them on the internet, and then creating his own versions with models.

Each photograph of Technically Intimate has its root in a real image which Baden found online. He then finds people willing to work with him – using social media and sites like Craigslist – to produce a new image. He says, “My images are not a duplication, but rather, a reinterpretation of the moment of the found image’s creation.” It’s this blurry boundary of reality mixed with fiction, however, which gives the images their salient impact. They appear situationally ‘real’, yet their technical perfection of lighting and composition gives us an awareness that the privacy hinted at by the content is only an illusion. Produced between 2008-2010, Technically Intimate is a commentary on the growing influence of technology on our social self-presentation, and draws our attention to the casualness with which sexuality can now be shared.

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