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Andras Ladosci

Before dedicating himself to photography, Andras Ladocsi (b. 1992, Hungary) was a professional swimmer. Until the age of 18, Ladocsi spent his day divided by school, the swimming pool and his family. The rigorous routine led him to empathise with those micro communities of people constructing their lives around the possibility of future success, questioning why some struggle to achieve their goals while others don’t even try. His series Swallow explores the emotions connecting such communities through nostalgic images inspired by the memory of the photographer’s adolescence, redefining the past with a distanced approach.

The desire to integrate into a group pushes the subjects to change their behaviour, adapting gestures, body language and expressions to fit in, showing specific shades of their identity as the surrounding environment changes. The continuous switch between different realities and people, from the competitive swimming world to small family nucleus, has characterised Ladocsi’s entire life. The photographer reacts to these realisations by observing how what is expected of you can affect the way you experience your surroundings.