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Sara Romani

In her ongoing project Suspended Boundaries, Boston-based photographer Sara Romani (b. 1987, Italy) focuses on how photography translates reality: what goes through the lens of a camera gains the value of a language, and therefore is given a meaning. Romani, who studied set design and theatre, created sets of shapes, light and paper, using specific figurative references but also seeking to achieve a more unexpected result between the factual and the abstract.

“Starting from reminiscences of domestic spaces and mundane objects of ordinary life,” Romani explains, “I create pictures that stand on the fine line between abstraction and figurative representation, awareness of represented reality and pure aesthetic pleasure.” It implicitly casts questions about reality and factual matter, about staging a subject and how this is translated or processed by the camera. Romani plays with these metaphysical issues by assembling remnants of reality, creating three-dimensional collages, which, when photographed, become something beyond a purely calculative understanding.