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Lars Stieger

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Have aliens invaded? Are we being shown evidence of futuristic spaceships?

Not exactly. In his series Spaceships, photographer Lars Stieger offers us a view of architectural spaces at strange angles and in isolated settings. Shown in this way, these man-mind constructions are stripped of their context, and reduced to simple, obscure shapes and objects in a cold and washed out colour palate. Sometimes the pieces of architecture are recognizable, but often they’re too alien to discern.

By creating this abstract, abandoned world, Stieger confronts us with the artificiality of our designed world and its ability to make us feel alienated. His photographs play with what’s considered commonplace or futuristic, and call into question this harsh and constructed presence in an earthly space.

With Spaceships in mind, is it really normal to see a 300m metallic monstrosity emerge from the ground?