Cristiano Volk

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Photographer Cristiano Volk (1987, Italy) used flash and harsh light, imitating the famous Italian baroque style, in order to produce his series Sinking Stone. His project, focused on depicting the essence of the centre of Italian beauty, Venice, in reality highlights its excess of tourists and decay. The mass of the travellers strolling in and around the city has helped create some sort of living theater, full of vivid moments that under the eye of Volk turn into unforgettable imagery.

The photographer focuses on the body language, gestures, and poses of people that appear to be grotesque and uncanny because of the overexposure and awkward angles. Volk juxtaposes these photos with still life compositions of obnoxious masks, torn billboards, modern buildings, and stone drapery. His idea is to compare Venice to a vulgar, overwhelming face that seems complete and fulfilling, but in fact reveals nothing more than an empty and shallow surface.