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Amy Touchette

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Fascinated by the larger-than-life burlesque dancer, The World Famous *BOB*, New York-based photographer Amy Touchette immersed herself into *BOB*’s world for four years. The resulting series, Shoot the Arrow, is a documentary work on her electric life, seen in grainy black and white film photographs that play like a memory. Touchette disappears into her role as an observer, letting *BOB*’s life and her experiences take centre stage.

The series pictures *BOB* at her flamboyant best, exuberant while performing for great crowds, alongside photographs that introduce us to an intimate space where she’s extracted herself from the public eye and retreated into the confines of her home, wig off, sans makeup, exhausted, alone.

Juxtaposing The World Famous *BOB* with the person who plays her, Touchette shares with us the vulnerable and mortal side of a performer, illustrating the duality of celebrity existence or even general human existence, as person and persona.