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Ciro Battiloro

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Social documentary photographer Ciro Battiloro (B. 1984, Italy) started his project Sanità after finding a kind of ghetto in the city’s heart of Napoli: Rione Sanità. The pauperization of this neighbourhood was caused by the construction of a bridge around 1806, which isolated the area from the town. But this also allowed the neighbourhood to preserve its identity. So even though the inhabitants hassle with mafia, the lack of schools and poverty, they have grown a strong sense of belonging, engaging with their fellow neighbours with tolerance and respect.

Battiloro captures the diverse community, giving a deeper insight in how different generations create their culture. The artist focuses on the moods and expressions of the residents of Rione Sanità. The vividness and psychological tension in most of the black and white portraits suggests a larger narrative within a single moment. He creates little dramas that trigger the viewer to wonder about the lives going on behind closed doors. As the photographer states: “The street and the home blend together, the private becomes public and the public hides the secrets of the private.”