Sandra Mickiewicz: Proud of the origin & Happy Club

Sandra Mickiewicz: Proud of the origin & Happy Club


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Sandra Mickiewicz

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Sandra Mickiewicz (b. 1992) is a Polish documentary photographer who lives and works in North London. In 2007, her family immigrated to the United Kingdom. Passionate with people and their stories, Mickiewicz traces various communities and by gaining their trust, portrays their unique lifestyles and collective engagements. Mickiewicz establishes an intimate relation with her models, portraying everyone as if they stood right in front of us.

In ‘Proud of the origin’ she captures the members of the Roma minority living in the United Kingdom, underlining their unconventional history and culture. Through this work, Mickiewicz hopes to break the stereotypical, contemptuous idea about the community, marking their precious position as members and participants of the British society.

For the project ‘Happy Club’, Mickiewicz visits yet another British community, located in Jaywick – an area known for its struggles with unemployment and crime – and established in a local church. The help group Happy Club provides a space and support for its locals. Patently awaiting to earn their trust, Mickiewicz eventually manages to capture the people, within the safe walls of their homes and church, where they are at their most vulnerable.